Employee Testimonials

"GN is about dedication, loyalty and wanting to see things done right."

Ray Larade - Area Sales Manager

“Every time I go on a technical trip it is something different, and I get to build relationships with the customers.”

“There is always someone who can help. There is support from every department.”

“Management is always offering new resources and opportunities to learn.”

Nicole Poirier - Technical Representative

"The best part about working at GN is that we are doing something that no one else gets to do. You don’t find too many people working this job in Canada."

Ryan Goldsmith - Mechanical Assembly

“If you are just starting here, you can have the confidence that you’ll get all the help you need.”

“Working regular hours, not shift work, is part of what makes GN stand out in the trades industry.”

Brian Knox - Weld Shop

“GN is big enough to be interesting, but small enough for it to feel like a family.”

“I never thought I would be doing some of the things I get to do today.”

Hannes Groeger - Mechanical Designer